Homemade Mixes Book Review
56+ Marvelous Homemade Mixes

Homemade Mixes Book Review. 56+ Marvelous Homemade Mixes by Gia Scott has the right title... it is marvelous!

Because I have always enjoyed creating homemade mix formulas, some of which you will see throughout this website, I was intrigued when I ran across this book title.

When I reviewed the list of mixes contained therein, I knew I had to have this cookbook because I wanted the  recipe for Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix.

Ranch Salad Dressing is probably popular in almost every household, so I wanted to add it to my assemblage.

Trying as I did, I could not formulate a recipe that tasted exactly like my favorite brand.

Gia Scott did... she got this recipe right. It's Marvelous!

My cookbook arrived in perfect condition, encased in a beautiful, shiny cover. It made this cook want to cook something right then, just from admiring and touching it's slick cover. (I had purchased the paperback).

There are many more than 56 recipes in this cookbook.  There are lots of variations suggested for using the mixes, which amounts to even more recipes.

For example, there are more than a dozen different muffin recipes you can make from the one muffin mix batter. One is a low fat recipe.

Scott describes the recipe preparations in great detail, explaining how to get the most out of each recipe to help you save time and money.

The way she writes the formulas and instructions in great detail, you know she has tested her recipes.

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My Homemade Mixes Book Review

After examining the cookbook for damages (there were none), I sat down with pen and paper by my side and started reading.

I loved the tone of her book. 

I loved that it contained much more than I expected.  In my opinion Gia Scott over delivers on content,  more than justifying the price of the book.

I made a list of the mixes I wanted to try first. Of course, Ranch Dressing Mix and the accompanying Ranch Dressing Recipe topped that list. Other selections were:

  • Muffin Mix and the Cream Cheese Muffin recipe
  • Old Bay Style Seafood Seasoning
  • Master Cake Mix and the White Cake Recipe
  • English Mixed Spice Mix
  • Hot Mocha Mix
  • Taco Seasoning Mix

I can't wait to make these mixes!

I made the Ranch Dressing Mix and the Ranch Dressing in the book and served it on a similar Cobb Salad.

Oh boy was this awfully delicious salad dressing!

It was so much fun to make in addition to being super easy.

Everyone who tasted it liked it.

One person commented, "This is the best salad dressing I have ever eaten."

I provided a side of veggie sticks and potato chips to dip. Even though it was a little too runny for dipping, the taste was superb!

The next time I make it, I will double the recipe of dressing and add a little cream cheese to half of it to make a special dip.

By having my dressing mix already prepared, it will be a breeze to make the dressing and dip.

See how you can get creative with all these base recipes?

Do I recommend this 56+ Marvelous Homemade Mixes cookbook for your cooking pleasure?

You bet!

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