About Me

About Me is the story of my journey to building this website, Old Fashioned Recipes.

It is the story about a little eight year old girl becoming fascinated with cooking.

That little girl was me. 

At the age of eight, at about the time Mama was going to have another baby, Christmas was on the horizon and Santa Claus was coming.

The snow was too deep and still falling, for my twin sister and me to go outside. I was bored.

My First Cookies

I found a beautiful Spry Cook Book with the most beautiful pictures of cookies I had ever seen. They were sparkling with green and red sugar sprinkles covering the tops.

I didn't have to beg Mama long before she agreed to let me make them. I think she wanted cookies, too.

With her help, I made the Spry Christmas Cookies using the recipe that is now on this website.

Of course my cookies didn't look like the picture book. There was no food coloring at our house back then.

But, I remember back in 1945, how excited I was and how those cookies tasted.

My twin sister and I ate them all up. Why, we didn't even save any for Santa!

That started my cooking journey!

My Cooking Journey

From then on, I was by Mama's side whenever she cooked, if I wasn't in school or playing out in the yard with my sister. 

Mama sometimes let me churn the milk to make butter. I loved it!

The passion for cooking stayed with me until this day. 

Sadly, at age 10, I learned to hate washing dishes and have never unlearned it.

In my early teen years, I was preparing dinner by myself and using my little brother as a guinea pig for my sometimes not so delicious, concoctions. 

He would sometimes cry because he didn't like what I had cooked, but he had to eat it.

We were taught earlier that we ate what was served, like it or not.

About Me Cooking And Raising A Family

A few years later, I met my husband to be. We were married and immediately he wanted me to learn how to cook good like his mother and sisters. 

They were awesome cooks and I was eager to learn.  I practiced a lot.

The best compliment he ever gave me was when he said my cooking "tasted better than Mama's" What joy!

After starting our family, I became a stay-at-home Mom like most wives that I knew back then.

But, I also helped my husband in our home-based Tree Service Business.

To supplement our income I began baking goodies and breads and selling them from our home.

I landed a wine cellar deal of baking bread and delivering it to their store every afternoon.

That recipe is on this website Sour Cream Coffee Cake. They called it a bread to complimented their cheeses. It is delicious with cheeses and pickles whether you call it a bread of a cake!

Our Pig Pickin' Catering

At the request of some of our home Pig Pickin' BBQ party guest, my  husband started a week-end only Pig Pickin" catering service.

He was recognized as an awesome cook with his own, secret homemade BBQ sauce. Clients loved it!

Many times I made the sides for his Pic Pickin business.

We both loved to cook.

About Me After Retirement

After officially retiring, I needed more to do than rock in a chair.  I was bored and broke.

My son and I developed a unique Candle and other products to market. He helped me open a retail gift shop.

He was also a retail wholesaler supplier.

Then it happened. I very quickly lost most of my hearing and could no longer communicate effectively with my customers.

I had to give up my gift shop I so loved.

Devastated about my hearing loss I knew I still did not want a life in a rocking chair.

About Me Starting An Online Business

I began looking online for something I could do that didn't require talking to people.

Working online appealed to me. But, I knew nothing about computers except how to turn them on, how to read emails and do searches.

Through searching online, I found SBI! (Solo Built It!). I am thankful to a young lady who had an SBI! website and explained how it worked. 

Still, I was scared and skeptical. I would go looking elsewhere, but my "gut feeling" kept sending me back to her website.

For days, I kept dreaming and every time I turned on the computer, the first place I went to was her website.  I wanted to hear more.

Not knowing what I wanted other than to make money and knowing I had a satisfaction guarantee if I signed up, I took the plunge. I really expected I would be asking for my money back within 30 days.

I can tell you, after a few days, there was no way I was going to ask for my money back.  I felt like I was in college again.

To build a successful business online, you have to choose a niche that fits you.

Since I had a lifetime passion and background cooking, it was the best fit for me.

I had to narrow my niche down. Old recipes... that's it! I would share my lifelong passion of cooking and collecting my recipes.

Hence, Old Fashioned Recipes was born!

About Me Now

Of course I am much older now. But, I still have that great passion for cooking.

I still love to collect, try and test old recipes, change some of them for the better and share them.



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