Dipping Chocolate Recipe

Dipping Chocolate Recipe is an old fashioned recipe for dipping homemade candies.

Included are instructions on How To Temper Chocolate. 

You can also dip fruits such as bananas, apples, and strawberries.

Dip cookies or spoon the chocolate over ice cream, plain cake or puddings.

For this simple Dipping Chocolate Recipe you only need 1 1/2 lb. (24 oz.) semi-sweet chocolate bars.

How To Temper Chocolate For Dipping

The easiest way to temper chocolate is in the microwave oven.

First, cut up all the chocolate into fine pieces like it was grated. Place in a glass mixing bowl.

This can be done simply by using a paring knife and trimming it the chocolate off the block into the bowl.

When all the chocolate has been cut, add about 2 ounces into another microwave safe glass bowl.

No need to be precise, just eyeball what you think would equal the 2 oz.

Microwave on high for 30 seconds.

Take it out of the oven.

It will not be completely melted at this point, but should be starting to melt.

Stir it to get as much melted as possible.

What you are trying to do is melt the chocolate just slightly below the melting point (88F.) without getting it too hot.

If the chocolate gets too hot it will loose its sheen and become mottled (white spots) on your candies after dipping.

They will still taste good, they just won't look like a professional hand dipped them.

When the chocolate in the bowl has melted, add in another 2 ounces and stir.

(This is called seeding) If it seems that it won't melt, microwave it again for about 15-20 seconds.

Continue doing this until at least half of your chocolate has melted so you can begin dipping your chocolates.

If you have never tempered chocolate before, this can seem like an endless task.

The next time you do it, you will have your technique down pat and zip right through it.

Dipping Candies

Actually, the easiest way to dip candies is to DROP them into the bowl of coating.

Then dip it out with a dipping fork.

This way the bottom gets coated also.

Let any excess coating drop back into the bowl.

If there is too much dripping into the bowl, it may mean your coating is a little too warm or hot.

Place your dipped candies or fruits on freezer paper or plastic wrap to let them cool and prevent them from sticking.

Let set for several hours or overnight to firm up.

The firming up can be accomplished by placing in a refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

However, this will probably cause them to develop blotches. It will not change the taste.

Note: Either Chocolate Bark or White Chocolate may be used in this Dipping Chocolate Recipe.

However, the the candies will taste sweeter because of their extra sugar content

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