Ground Beef Recipes

Old Fashioned Ground Beef Recipes are for the frugal cook who wants easy, delicious dinners every time.

Ground beef is an excellent choice for it's low cost and variety of cuts that give you superb taste and dining pleasure.

Purchase several pounds in bulk, prepare a different dish everyday for a week, and watch your savings grow!

I buy hamburger meat in bulk, divide it into 1 lb. portions and freeze it. Later, I  thaw the amount of meat I need for my recipe.

Beef Burgundy An old gourmet dish of the 1960's and 1970's, made quick and easy, with ground sirloin and Burgundy wine.

Beef Stroganoff
This frugal, everyday dish chock-full of ground beef, mushrooms, and sour cream is delicious, quick, and easy to prepare.

Best Hamburger Recipe
Add secret ingredient plus homemade chili for a tasty, juicy burger that may be the best you have eaten, ever!

Chili Beans,
Made with kidney beans, pinto beans, canned tomatoes, peppers and spices. Topped with sour cream and chopped chives.

Hot Dog Chili Recipe
Made with ground beef and spices, slow cooked in the oven to perfection, for that old fashioned taste and texture.

Includes instructions for using on Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Tacos and Vegetable Soup.

Uses low fat chuck ground beef. Convection or microwave oven. Good old-fashioned flavor with few spices.

Meatloaf Without Tomatoes
Moist, delicious and colorful, made with vegetables, excluding tomatoes. Can be made gluten-free.

Salisbury Steak Recipe
Made with ground beef. Grill or pan fry and top with savory sauce and onions. Perfect menu suggestion for delicious meal.

Shepherds Pie
This recipe makes a casserole of ground beef, vegetables, and gravy that can be assembled one day, refrigerated and reheated the next for a delicious, quick and easy dinner.

Sloppy Joe
Simmered with green peppers and onions in a zesty tomato sauce. Served on a warm hamburger bun. Quick and easy.

Stuffed Bell Peppers
Stuffed Bell Peppers with ground beef and rice. Use as a vegetable side dish or as a delicious, economical entree.

Swedish Meatball
An old fashioned recipe with a browned gravy sauce to serve at a party or frugal everyday meal.

According to my butcher, the industry standards right now of lean are: Regular Ground Beef - 73%, Ground Chuck -80%, and Ground Sirloin, referred to by some companies as "Ground Angus" - 90%.

Some Ground Round (probably veal which is from young calf and most tender) is as high as 96%. Some folks refuse to eat young calf.

Note: My butcher recently shared with me that I could tell which ground beef package contained the least amount of gristle.

He said the package that was the darkest color (red) contained the least.

That makes sense because gristle appears to be a white color to me.

Check with your meat supplier to see if this applies to the way they package their ground beef,

It seems to me that the more gristle found in hamburger meat, the lesser the price.

So how much of it you are willing to accept may depend on which of the ground beef recipes you are going to make. 

Enjoy these recipes in pasta category .

Italian Spaghetti

Three Cheeses Italian Lasagna

Delicious ground beef recipe in

Vegetable category.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Recipe

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