Noodles Recipe

Homemade Noodles Recipe to make Fettuccine Alfredo and other old fashioned recipes from scratch.

Make it with self-rising flour, eggs, and seasoned chicken broth.

You can make other types of pasta by cutting the dough into various sizes.

Homemade Noodles Recipe

  • 2 cups self-rising flour

  • 2 large eggs

  • 1/3 cup chicken broth from cooked chicken

Can use canned chicken broth.

Place flour in a mixing bowl.

With your hands or two forks, make a well in center of flour.

Add eggs in well.

Beat the eggs with a wire whisk or fork until the yolks and whites are well mixed.

Slowly mix the broth into eggs.

Then start mixing and pulling the flour into the center of the liquid mixture a little at a time until all the flour is incorporated.

You should now have a ball of dough in the center of bowl.

If the ball of dough seems too sticky add a small amount of flour.

If it seems too dry and all the flour particles are not adhering to dough ball, add a tiny amount of water until it does.

You are striving for dough that looks like a ball of pie dough before rolling.

Cover the bowl with a cloth or plastic wrap and let rest for 10 minutes.

This hydrates all the flour.

Sprinkle pastry cloth or cutting board with flour. Place dough in center of board.

Working with your hands, knead dough 8-10 times.

Being sure to have enough flour sprinkled on your rolling or cutting board to prevent the dough from sticking, roll it into a rectangular shape of about 1/8 inch thick.

There are two ways to cut your noodles.

Some chefs like to roll their dough up jelly roll style and slice it thin crosswise, like you would cut a roll cookie dough, cheese roll.

Then unroll each individual strip and hang them up to dry.

I don't prefer this method because my dough, regardless of what recipe I use, smashes as I am cutting it.

That is not the perfect looking strips of dough I am looking for.

If you can get that technique to work, then go for it!

The cutting method I prefer is this:

Take a clean, sturdy 12 inch (I use metal) ruler, measure the width of each strip by laying the ruler down on top of the dough at 1/4 inch intervals.

Then use a pizza cutting wheel (they are wonderful for cutting dough) and roll it  along the side of the ruler, using the ruler for support and guidance, cutting  each individual strip.

With a little practice you will become fast and proficient with this method, plus have uniform strips of pasta.

When you have finished cutting all the strips of dough, sprinkle a little flour over the top if they seem sticky and let them rest for 20 minutes before putting them in ypur pot of boiling liquid to cook.

Sprinkle more flour on the dough if it is looking sticky.

Then let the cut strips rest another 20 minutes to dry out a little before picking them up.

These extra steps in resting your dough will result in easier handling.

To use this Homemade Noodles Recipe for your Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo Recipes proceed according to these instructions.

For other recipes or as a side, cook noodles in boiling 3 quarts of boiling water 15-20 minutes or according to the specific recipe you are using if they are different.

If serving this Homemade Noodles Recipe only as a side dish, stir in a little melted butter.

Sprinkle top with garlic powder or other seasonings of your choice when serving, if preferred.

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