Orange Jello Salad

A beautiful and delicious, molded Orange Jello Salad with complimentary fruits atop.

This Orange Jello Salad Recipe makes is a colorful and delicious molded gelatin salad with complimentary fruits.

The fruits chosen
here are amazing.

Placed fruits on top rather than folded and mixed in before Jello congeals.

This method of adding fruits allows you to not only vary fruits to the tastes and choices of individuals, but keeps the strong integrity of the delicious Orange Jello Salad with no diluting of flavors.

It allows you to decorate using the fruit to make a bright, beautiful salad presentation for special occasions or just an any day meal.

Even though gelatin is easily digested and served in a lot in hospitals, it contains a small amount of nutrients.

It's small amount of protein is incomplete, but loaded with fruits high in antioxidents, makes it a delicious, valuable dish to serve anytime.

Tip: Adding a dollop of Homemade Whipped Cream to this and most other jellos can change a salad into a dessert.

For desserts, omit salad greens where appropriate.

Orange Jello Salad Recipe

  • 2 (3 oz.) boxes of 1 (6 oz.) box Orange Jello*

  • 2 cups boiling water

  • 1 1/2 cup drained cold juice from mandarin oranges of a combination of juice and cold water

  • 1 (11 oz.) can mandarin oranges, drained

  • 1 (15 oz.) can sliced peaches, in light syrup, if preferred

  • 1 large ripe banana

  • flaky coconut (fresh grated coconut is awesome, if available)

Place dry Jello in a heat proof mixing bowl.

Pour 2 cups boiling water over Jello and stir until granules are completely dissolved.

Measure drained juice from mandarin oranges.

If not enough to make 1 1/2 cups juice and cold water to the measurement.

Stir the juice into the mixture and let cool thoroughly.

While it is cooling, drain the peaches, thoroughly and place them and the drained oranges in the refrigerator to get cold.

Do not peel banana at this point nor put it in the refrigerator.

It will cause the banana to turn black.

When gelatin mixture has cooled pour it into one 4 cup, lightly greased mold for a large salad or 2-4 individual molds for smaller, individual servings.

Refrigerate at least 4 hours until congealed.

It is best to let molded jello set in refrigerator overnight to produce a stronger mold.

When congealed remove from the mold and top with fruits as desired.

Now is the time to make pretty decorations with the fruits.

* Substitute a box of Lemon Jello for one of the Oranges for a unique  and delicious salad.

Choosing A Gelatin Mold 

Choose molds that are made for molding Jello, if possible.

Almost any type of bowl or pan can be used.

However, Silicone rather than regular plastic,  which is hard to remove from the molds, metals, especially copper and heat-prof glass are ideal for molding gelatin.

How To Remove
Orange Jello Salad
From Mold

First, assure that your Orange Jello Salad is very firm.

Touch it lightly with a clean finger to test that it is not sticky and is very firm.

Set your serving plate or bowl container in the refrigerator a few minutes to get it very cold.

This helps keep the bottom of your Jello from melting a bit.

Have a sink or large bowl with enough warm water, not hot water, ready.

The warm water should be deep enough to reach just below the brim of your mold so the water doesn't spill over onto your gelatin.

With slightly damp finger tips, pull the Jello very lightly from the edges of the mold, going all around it so that air begins to get between the mold and gelatin to loosen it.

If you can't loosen with your fingertips or a butter knife or similar tool dip it in the warm water a few more seconds.

When loosed around the brim, tilt your mold slightly from side to side rotating it in your hand so that the Jello is loosens completely from all sides.

Set it down on your countertop. Moisten, ever so lightly, your serving plate or bowl so if you need to move your Jello to center it.

Place your plate on top of the mold and invert the whole thing.

The Jello should fall right out.

If it doesn't, tap the mold or shake it from side to side a little bit.

I think you'll be pleased how quickly it falls right out.

Remove the mold carefully and straight up.

I find it helps to at this point to set the Jello Orange Salad back inside the refrigerator or even the freezer a few minutes to let get really cold again.

You can also wipe away any small amount of gelatin that might have dissolved around the edges with a paper towel or soft clean cloth.

Store leftovers in refrigerator for a couple of days.

Consume before it starts to break down and becomes runny.

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