Pork And Beans Salad

Pork and Bean Salad served with crackers

Pork And Beans Salad recipe made easy with only four ingredients. 

It was given to me over 45 years ago by a neighbor who brought the salad to our annual family pig-picking. No dressing needed.

Pork And Beans Salad Recipe

  • 2 cans (16 oz.) Pork And Beans, drained or non-drained*
  • 1/2 cup thinly sliced small sweet pickles
  • 1/4 cup chopped or shredded onion**
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 teaspoons sweet pickle juice

Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl and chill several hours or overnight.

Serve with soda or butter crackers, if desired.

*You choose whether to drained your beans or not.

Non-drained pork and beans make for a salad that is somewhat soupy, not unlike coleslaw.

It retains the full flavor of the delicious beans.

Drained beans make a thicker salad that is easier to eat with a fork.

However, it loses some of the familiar flavor of pork and beans plus a few nutrients, in my opinion.

You can drain your beans at first, reserve the liquid and add some of it back until it looks and tastes best for you.

This salad does thicken up a little upon chilling overnight, whether you drain the liquid or not.

**Sweet onions, especially Georgia Vidalia Onions are seasonal and not available all year in my area.

A few other onions are mild and contain a little sweetness.

Use your favorite.

Red onions, which are strong,  were used for color in the photos on this page.

Serve this salad in a salad bowl.

The drained version, in the top image may be placed on a lettuce leaf cup, if you prefer.

Some people like to add a few extra ingredients.

(I prefer the wonderful taste of pork and beans, which are highly seasoned.)

If you prefer adding other ingredients here is a list you may consider.

  • Black olives
  • Spanish olives (including the extra pimentos)
  • Pimentos
  • Crumbled, crisp bacon
  • Green or colored sweet peppers
  • Hot peppers like jalapeno or chilies

Canned Pork and Beans Salad with pickles

Enjoy this Pork And Beans Salad with any meal.

It pairs especially well with Chili Hotdogs, Hamburgers, pulled pork and BBQ Chicken.

A Little History For You

The Vidalia Onion is a sweet onion grown in Vidalia, Georgia, the city for which it got it's name.

It became the official state vegetable of Georgia in 1990.

The folks in Georgia are proud of their Vidalia Onions. They should be.

It is the best tasting onion I have ever tasted. Hope you enjoy it!

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